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The scientific understanding of space phenomenon requires many kinds of observations in space. In this point, Satellite payload is one of the important methods to research in space science and exploration.
So, we develop satellite payload and the cutting edge detector system with international collaboration. Furthermore, Space payload development is not only research hot topics of space science and exploration but also to obtain and learn for space observation instrument technologies.

1. Detector system development
Detector is the core technology of satellite payload to take a scientific data. Following this research, we can learn about detector operation, calibration, measurement and system manufacturing.
There are many kinds of Space payload detectors which are able to get science information from electromagnetic wave and energy particle. This research has an important role not only making observation instrument for space science but also core technology for space technologies.

major research field

  - energy particle detector
- Magnetometer system
- Visible/ Infrared imaging detector system
- Test and Calibration

2. Opto-Mechnics development
Opto-Mechnics development of space payload system should be proven that they will work in the environments of rocket launch, flight and outter space from the earth.
For the spcecraft and their instruments, the space engineering deciplines of mechanical structural design and analysis are learned together.

major research field

  - Opto-mechnical structure design and fabrication for space application
- Analysis for Opto-mechnics parts
- Development, Assembly, integration & testing
- Orbit and thermal anlysis

3. Space electronics development
The electronic systems for space payload can be considered in two phases. The electronics circuit has to operate the required functions but also to be capable of reliability against harsh environment
The electronics carries out many functions to operate such as detector signal processing, payload operating system, communication, CPU, control & house-keeping, power etc.

Major research field
  - DSP, CPU signal processing
- Space reliable electronics design and manufacturing
- Space telecommunication system