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Position Name Office Tel E-mail
Professor Gwangson Choe College of Applied Science #527 +82-31-201-3821 gchoe[at]khu.ac.kr
Professor Min-Hwan Jang College of Applied Science #532 +82-31-201-2472 mjang[at]khu.ac.kr
Assistant professor Ho Jin College of Applied Science #526 +82-31-201-3865 benho[at]khu.ac.kr
Dean, Professor Kap-Sung Kim College of Applied Science #529 +82-31-201-2443 kskim[at]khu.ac.kr
Associate Professor Khan-Hyuk Kim College of Applied Science #528 +82-31-201-3845 khan[at]khu.ac.kr
Professor Sang-Joon Kim College of Applied Science #534 +82-31-201-2460 sjkim1[at]khu.ac.kr
Associate Professor Sungsoo S. Kim College of Applied Science #533 +82-31-201-2441 sungsoo.kim[at]khu.ac.kr
Professor Dong-Hun Lee College of Applied Science #535 +82-31-201-2449 dhlee[at]khu.ac.kr
Assistant professor Ensang Lee College of Applied Science #435 +82-31-201-2047 eslee[at]khu.ac.kr
Associate Professor Jeong-Eun Lee College of Applied Science #437 +82-31-201-3469 jeongeun.lee[at]khu.ac.kr
Professor Yong-Jae Moon College of Applied Science #537 +82-31-201-3807 moonyj[at]khu.ac.kr
Professor Soo-Jong Pak College of Applied Science #531 +82-31-201-3813 soojong[at]khu.ac.kr
Associate Professor Jong-ho Seon College of Applied Science #536 +82-31-201-3282 jhseon[at]khu.ac.kr
Associate Professor Tetsuya Magara College of Applied Science #532 +82-31-201-2476 magara[at]khu.ac.kr
Distinguished Professor Sami K. Solanki College of Applied Science #601-3 +82-31-201-3866 solanki[at]mps.mpg.de
Professor Peter H. Yoon College of Applied Science #601-1 +82-31-201-3867 yoonp[at]umd.edu
International Scholar Ian Garrick-Bethell College of Applied Science #601-4 +82-31-201-3850 igarrick[at]ucsc.edu
International Scholar Satoshi Inoue Astronomical Observatory #209 +82-31-201-3875 inosato[at]khu.ac.kr
International Scholar Valery M. Nakariakov College of Applied Science #601-2 +82-31-201-3850 V.Nakariakov[at]warwick.ac.uk
Research Professor Kyu-Sung Chae Astronomical Observatory #203 +82-31-201-2871 kschae[at]khu.ac.kr
Research Professor Dong-Wook Lee Astronomical Observatory #207 +82-31-201-3873 dr.dwlee[at]gmail.com
Research Professor Daniel Martini Astronomical Observatory #202 +82-31-201-3870 dmartini[at]khu.ac.kr
Research Professor Kyung Sun Park Astronomical Observatory #209 +82-31-201-3875 ks.park[at]khu.ac.kr
Research Professor Junho Shin College of Applied Science #602-2 +82-31-201-2429 junhosn[at]khu.ac.kr
Postdoctoral Associate Dea Jung Yu College of Applied Science #602-2 +82-31-201-2429 djyu[at]khu.ac.kr
Staff Sunghwan Lee College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 baque[at]khu.ac.kr
Staff Yumi Cho College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3851 yumi[at]khu.ac.kr
Staff Hyun-Kyung Kim College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3851 hyunkyung[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jun Mo An Astronomical Observatory #B102 +82-31-201-2479 ajmyaa[at]gmail.com
grad. student MIN K BAE Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 calkmb[at]yahoo.com
grad. student Gi Seon Baek Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 bgs8871[at]naver.com
grad. student Seulmin Baek Astronomical Observatory #201 +82-31-201-2690 baek_seulmin[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Sang-Mok Cha College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 chasm[at]kasi.re.kr
grad. student Jiwon Choi Astronomical Observatory #210 +82-31-201-3876 jw.choi[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Nahuyn Choi Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 chlskgus0307[at]nate.com
grad. student Kyung Won Cheon Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 kwchun[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Sun-Hak Hong College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 shhong[at]kcc.go.kr
grad. student Kiho Hyun College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 kiho[at]postech.ac.kr
grad. student Soo Jeong Jang Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2478 zzangssu-09[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Hye Rin Je Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 hyerinje[at]daum.net
grad. student Jongho Jeon Astronomical Observatory #B104 +82-31-201-3679 sasay0722[at]naver.com
grad. student Miwha Jin Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 nicejombie[at]naver.com
grad. student Eun Kyung Joo Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2478 my_melody7[at]naver.com
grad. student Hongdal Jun College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 hdjun[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Inkyu Jung College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 jik0511@hanmail.net
grad. student Minsup Jung Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 msjeong[at]ap4.khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jihye Kang Astronomical Observatory #B102 +82-31-201-2479 ji-hye127[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Seonmi Kang Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 tjsal_03[at]hotmail.com
grad. student Eunbin Kim Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 ebkim[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Ga Hye Kim Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 0119550[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Gijeong Kim Astronomical Observatory #201 +82-31-201-2690 gijeong[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Hee Eun Kim Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2690 heeeunkim[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Hyun-Nam Kim Astronomical Observatory #B107 +82-31-201-2445 astrokhn[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jae-Yeong Kim Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 jaeyeong[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jin-Kyu Kim College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 jinkyukim[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jungha Kim Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 tmdgusdl55[at]naver.com
grad. student Jung Hoon Kim College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 jhkim.korea[at]gmail.com
grad. student Kyung-Im Kim Astronomical Observatory #210 +82-31-201-3876 midori68[at]empal.com
grad. student Min-bae Kim Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 cap777[at]naver.com
grad. student Sang Hyuk Kim Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 ksh83[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Sun Jung Kim Astronomical Observatory #B107 +82-31-201-2445 007gasun[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Tae-Hyeon Kim College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 chunsukyung[at]nate.com
grad. student Kanghoon Kum Astronomical Observatory #B103 +82-31-201-2480 kahn0212[at]gmail.com
grad. student Hyuck-Jin Kwon College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 khj9888[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Yongjun Kwon Astronomical Observatory #B107 +82-31-201-2445 sightquater[at]naver.com
grad. student Ansun Lee Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 iyansun[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Eojin Lee Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2478 oj2bis[at]naver.com
grad. student Gil-Woo Lee College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 spacian[at]gmail.com
grad. student Harim Lee Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 zmzmdg[at]naver.com
grad. student Hwanhee Lee Astronomical Observatory #B102 +82-31-201-2479 lhhee[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Hyein Lee Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 mimijang[at]daum.net
grad. student Hyojeong Lee Astronomical Observatory #B103 +82-31-201-2480 dlgywjd375[at]naver.com
grad. student Jae Ok Lee Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2478 ljoking[at]nate.com
grad. student Jae-Hyung Lee College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 jhlee44[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jeongho Lee Astronomical Observatory #B 103 +82-31-201-2480 overthewater[at]naver.com
grad. student Joowon Lee Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 jwlee9033[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jun Hyun Lee Astronomical Observatory #201 +82-31-201-2690 daehancukin[at]hotmail.com
grad. student Jung gi Lee Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 stamblingger7[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Jung Kyu Lee Astronomical Observatory #B103 +82-31-201-2480 jklee[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Kang Jin Lee College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 canopus[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Sangyun Lee Astronomical Observatory #212 +82-31-201-3878 lizagd[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Seongwhan Lee Astronomical Observatory #B103 +82-31-201-2480 swhan[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Sunghwan Lee College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 baque[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Yong-Seok Lee College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 yongseokrhee[at]gmail.com
grad. student Daye Lim Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 dalim[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Hyeonock Na Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 pureundal[at]naver.com
grad. student Ji-Sun Nam Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2478 jangpung[at]nate.com
grad. student Nguyen NganNhatkim Astronomical Observatory #108 +82-31-201-2474 teresa_ngan1985[at]yahoo.com
grad. student LE Nguyen HuynhAnh Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 huynhanh7[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Hana No Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 nhn1216[at]naver.com
grad. student Jincheol No College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 seoyeo[at]dreamwiz.com
grad. student Young-Seok Oh Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 oysclub[at]naver.com
grad. student Jae Hyeon Paek College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 jhpaek[at]sk.com
grad. student Geunseok Park Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 geunseokpark[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Jong Yeob Park College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 x9bong[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Jong-Sun Park Astronomical Observatory #201 +82-31-201-2690 astropjs[at]naver.com
grad. student Sarah Park College of Applied Science #603 +82-31-201-3850 sara81[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Sunkyung Park Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 michaellask[at]naver.com
grad. student Yongmyung Seo Astronomical Observatory #B104 +82-31-201-3679 hoonkyu7573[at]hanmail.net
grad. student Seulki Shin Astronomical Observatory #205 +82-31-201-2478 shinsk[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Chaekyung Sim Astronomical Observatory #B102 +82-31-201-2479 cksim[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Yuchul Shin Astronomical Observatory #B104 +82-31-201-3679 iamparao[at]hotmail.com
grad. student Mi Rim Sohn Astronomical Observatory #B102 +82-31-201-2479 smirim[at]gmail.com
grad. student Yongjun Song Astronomical Observatory #107 +82-31-201-2689 stelle9[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Ju Woo Astronomical Observatory #B103 +82-31-201-2480 morethanwind[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Si Baek Yi Astronomical Observatory #B107 +82-31-201-2445 sibaekyi[at]khu.ac.kr
grad. student Hyeongsik Yun Astronomical Observatory #109 +82-31-201-3877 dbs6878[at]naver.com
grad. student Se-Young Yun Astronomical Observatory #B104 +82-31-201-3679 mearin[at]naver.com