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Yong-Jae Moon

  I am an associate professor at the department of astronomy and space science of Kyung Hee University. I am a solar physicist who published about 110 refereed papers, mostly published in well-known astronomical and geophysical journals (e.g., Astrophysical Journal, JGR, Solar Physics).

  We are studying solar activities and Sun-Earth connection. For this we use ground-based and space-based solar, interplanetary, and geomagnetic data including filtergram, imaging spectroscopy, polarimetry, and in-situ plasma data . Our main research subjects are : (1) solar eruption, (2) connection between solar events and geomagnetic storms, (3) forecast of solar high energy particle events, (4) application of machine learning to space weather forecast, and (5) relationship between space weather and global warming. They are very important in that they can allow us to understand the physical characteristic of these events as well as to minimize the space weather effect on artificial satellites and communication systems.

  Our papers are mostly available from ADS web site : [click]