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Kap-Sung Kim

Kap-Sung Kim
Kyung Hee University
Yongin, Gyeonggi 446-701, Korea
Phone:  82-31-201-2443, 3800
Fax: 82-31-204-2445
E-mail: kskim@khu.ac.kr

Ph.D.         Kyoto University, JAPAN, in Astronomy, 1988
M.S.          Kyoto University, JAPAN, in Astronomy, 1984
B.S.             Seoul National University, Korea, in Astronomy, 1978

Personal History
2010 - 2011        President of Korean Astronomical  Society
2009 - 2010        Dean , College of Applied Science, Kyung Hee University
1988 - present     Kyung Hee University, Assistant Professor,  Associate Professor, Professor
2007 - 2009        Korea Research Foundation, Program Manger
2004 - 2007        Korean Astronomical Society, Trustee
2001 - 2002        Korean Space Science Society, Vice President
2001 - 2001        Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory(PPPL), Visiting  Professor
1980 - 1982        Korean National Astronomical Observatory, Researcher

Professional Activities
.2002-2003   Studies of Eruptive Solar Active Regions, Coronal Heating Process and Solar Wind
                 (PI: K-S Kim, Sponsor: KOSEF)
.2003-2007   Studies of Eruptive Solar Active Regions, Coronal Heating Process and Solar Wind
                 (PI: K-S Kim, Sponsor: KOSEF, KRF)
.2007-2007   Development of Space Weather Monitoring System for Solar Maximum
                 (PI: K-S Kim, Sponsor: RRL)
.2007-2009   Basic Research for Solar System Exploration Brain Korea 21
                 (PI: Sang J Kim, KRF)
.2008-2013   World Class University (WCU) Project Space Exploration in Lunar Orbit 
                  (PI: Dong Hun Lee, KRF)
.2010-2015   Development of  Space Weather Prediction Model
                  (PI: K-S Kim, Sponsor KMA)


1988 Apr - 1994 Mar     Editor of :
      Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society
      Publication of the Korean Astronomical Society
1994 Apr - 2000 Mar     Editor in Chief of:
      Journal of the Korean Astronomical Society
      Publication of the Korean Astronomical Society

Representative Publication
1. Y.-J. Song; K.-S. Kim; Ho Jin; B.-S. Lee,   J. Astron. Space Sci. 27(1), 31–42, 2010 
Prediction of Communication Outage Period between Satellite and Earth Station Due to Sun Interference
2. Jang, M.-H.; Choe, G.S.; Lee, K.S.;  Moon, Y.J.;  Kim, Kap-Sung, J. Kor. Astron. Soc., 42(6) 175-184 , 2009, Dec.  Estimate of Coronal Magnetic Field  Strength Using Plasmoid Acceleration Measurement
3. Lee, J.-Y.; Raymond, J. C.; Ko, Y.-K.; Kim, K.-S.  Astrophy. J., , 692, 1271-1286, 2009
Three-Dimensional Structure and Energy Balance of a Coronal Mass Ejection
4. Kim, Sujin; Moon, Y.-J.; Kim, Y.-H.; Park, Y.-D.; Kim, K.-S.; Choe, G. S.; Kim, K.-H.
"Preflare Eruption Triggered by a Tether-cutting Process", ApJ., 683, 510-515, 2008
5. Lee, K.-S.; Moon, Y.-J.; Kim, K.-S.; Lee, J.-Y.; Cho, K.-S.; Choe, G. S. "Comparison of SOHO UVCS and MLSO MK4 coronameter densities",A&A, 486, 1009-1013, 2008
6. Seo, Haingja; Kim, Sang J.; Hwang, Sungwon; Jung, Aeran; Kim, Ji Hyun; Kim, Joo Hyeon; Kim, Kap-Sung; Lee, Jinny; Jang, Minhwan "Synthetic high-resolution near-IR spectra of the Sun for planetary data reductions made from ATMOS/Spacelab-3 and Atlas-3 data", Icarus, 192, 287-295, 2007
7. Lee, J.-Y.; Moon, Y.-J.; Kim, K.-S.; Park, Y.-D.; Fletcher, A.~B.. "Prediction of Daily Maximum X-Ray Flux Using Multilinear Regression and Autoregressive Time-Series Methods", Journal of the Korean Astron. Soc., 40, 99-106, 2007
8. Kim, S.; Moon, Y.-J.; Kim, K.-H.; Kim, Y.-H.; Sakurai, T.; Chae, J.; Kim, K.-S.; Choe, G. "Two-Step Reconnections in a C3.3 Flare and Its Preflare Activity Observed by Hinode XRT", Publications of the Astronomy Society of Japan, 59, 831-36, 2007
9. Lee, J.-Y.; Raymond, J. C.; Ko, Y.-K.; Kim, K.-S "Three-dimensional Structure of the 2002 April 21 Coronal Mass Ejection", ApJ., 651, 566-575, 2006
10. Kim, Yeon-Han; Moon, Y.-J.; Cho, K.-S.; Kim, Kap-Sung; Park, Y. D. "A Study of Flare-associated X-Ray Plasma Ejections. I. Association with Coronal Mass Ejections", ApJ., 622, 1240-1250, 2005
11. Cho, K.-S.; Moon, Y.-J.; Dryer, M.; Fry, C. D.; Park, Y.-D.; Kim, K.-S. "A statistical comparison of interplanetary shock and CME propagation models", JGRA., 108, 1445C., 2003
12. Cho, K.-S.; Kim, K.-S.; Moon, Y.-J.; Dryer, M. "Initial Results of the Ichon Solar Radio Spectrograph", Solar Phys., 212, 151-163, 2003
13. Kim, Kap-Sung "Emitting region of sodium lines in solar prominences" Solar Phys.,114, 47-64, 1988

Award and Honor

1991     Award of Outstanding Paper for Korean Science and Technology