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Jongho Seon

My Research area is mostly directed toward instrument development for thermal, suprathermal, and high-energy particles and their understanding.

  • Instrumentation for detection of thermal, suprathermal plasmas with artificial spacecraft
  • Instrumentation for high energy particles and gamma-rays in space
  • Radiation analysis and effects associated with spacecraft electronics
  • Spacecraft Charging
  • Plasma propulsion for orbit transfer and planetary missions

Selected publication in these areas include the followings:

  • Surface waves on the tailward flanks of the magnetosphere, Journal of Geophyscial Research, 1994
  • Observations of a slow-mode shock at the lobe-plasma sheet boundary in Earth’s distant magnetotail, Geophysical Research Letter, 1995
  • Observations of density fluctuations in Earth’s magnetosheath with the Geotail spacecraft: Geophysical Research Letter, 1999
  • Brief reports on KAISTSAT-4 mission analysis: Journal of Astronomy and Space Science, 2000
  • Spacecraft charging for micro-satellite KITSAT-3, Journal of spacecraft and rockets, 2003
  • Radiation Qualification of MPC860 for Space Application with Proton Accelerators, Journal of Korean Society of Aeronautical and Space Science,, 2004
  • Development of 10 mN class hall thruster for small satellites in Korea, International Symposium on Space Technology and Science, 2008