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[Seminar] Prof. Yoshifumi Saito (11/11)
Writer: 관리자 Read: 6841 Date: 2014/11/07
□ Lecturer : Prof. Yoshifumi Saito, ISAS/JAXA
□ Subject : Planetary Plasma Exploration in Japan: 20-year quest for the plasma environment around airless bodies
□ When : November 11th (Tue), (4:30 pm ~ )
□ Where : Auditorium, Kyung Hee Astronomical Observatory


In order to study the origin and evolution of the Moon by means of global mapping of element abundances and mineralogical composition, and surface geographical mapping, Japanese lunar orbiter Kaguya (previously called SELENE) was launched in September 2007 by H2A launch vehicle. Among the 14 science instruments, instruments for the space plasma observation were also on Kaguya, including magnetometer, plasma/particle sensors, and plasma wave instruments. Comprehensive measurements of the lunar plasma environment were made by these instruments. Concerning the planetary plasma exploration in Japan, the next target is Mercury. Thanks to the new observations made by MESSENGER orbiting Mercury, Mercury’s plasma environment has gradually become clear. However, it is also true that many questions will be left unsolved. In order to elucidate the detailed plasma structure and dynamics around Mercury, BepiColombo MMO (Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter) is going to be launched in 2016 as a joint mission between ESA and ISAS/JAXA. Starting from Kaguya, 20-year quest for the plasma environment around airless bodies is under way. The knowledge of the lunar plasma environment aquired by Kaguya will be fully utilized for understanding the Mercury plasma environment in the future

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