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[Seminar] Dr. Kyung Sun Park (06/03)
Writer: 관리자 Read: 9978 Date: 2014/05/29
□ Lecturer : Dr. Kyung Sun Park, School of Space Research, Kyung Hee Univ.
□ Subject : The recent study of the global MHD simulation under the northward IMF and southward IMF conditions
□ When : June 3rd (Tue), (4:30 pm ~ )
□ Where : Auditorium, Kyung Hee Astronomical Observatory


One of the significant problems in magnetospheric physics concerns the nature and properties of the processes which occur at the magnetopause boundary; in particular how energy, momentum, and plasma the magnetosphere receives from the solar wind. The interaction of the solar wind with Earth's magnetosphere produces various phenomena, such as substorms and aurora, in the polar region. The orientation of the IMF has significant effects on convection pattern and the FAC system in the magnetosphere. [Fairfied and Cahill, 1966; Reiff and Bursh, 1985: Cowley and Lockwood, 1992]. When the IMF turns southward, the energy of the solar wind is efficiently trapped by reconnection in the magnetosphere, and convection and currents within in the magnetosphere increase. We have performed a high-resolution and time-dependent three dimensional MHD simulation of interaction between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetosphere when the dipole tilt and orientation of the northward IMF and southward IMF are simultaneously included in the whole volume of the simulation box.

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