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Admission to KHU/SSR - 2012 Spring semester
Writer: 관리자 Read: 3763 Date: 2011/10/05
[Guide line_2012 spring semester_eng.pdf]
Admission to KHU/SSR - 2012 Spring semester

■ WCU Space Research Team welcomes novel, distinguished students willing to contribute to Korea’s Space Science.

■ Admission guide to Kyung Hee University School of Space Research
- Masters Course/ Doctoral Course/ Unified course of Masters & Doctoral
- Covering all areas of Theory Research/ Numerical Model Research/ Data Analysis Research/ Payload and Satellite Development.
- Applicants having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of mathematics/ physics/ astronomy/ electronics/ mechanical engineering
(Also, current graduate/ doctoral students in the same fields as above)
- Applicants for special admission into Masters Course with parts/complete units in mathematics/ physics/ astronomy/ electronics/ mechanical engineering will be recognized.

■ Privilege of WCU
- All new students receive an all-expenses paid scholarship for all semesters
- Additional financial support offered to Masters/ PhD degree students
(800,000 KRW/ month / 1,200,000 KRW/ month)
- Opportunity to train at a prominent research institute will be given.
(ex. UC Berkeley and/or Max Planck Institution)
- Faculty members including numerous great scholars from around the world.
(* All lectures will be in English)

■ General Information on Admission to Kyung Hee Graduate School
( http://gskh.khu.ac.kr/)

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