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• International
1. Educational institution
Boston Univ.
Brown Univ.
Cambridge Univ.
COBE Home Page
Cornell Univ. (Astronomy)
Cornell Univ. (Dept of Electrical Engineering)
Dartmouth College
Georgia State Univ.
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Imperial College
Indiana Univ. at Bloomington Astronomy department
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Khushu Univ.
Kyoto Univ.
Kyoto University World Data Center for Geomagnetism
Los Alamos Nat'l Laboratory
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy/Astrophysics
Michigan State Univ.
MIT Center for Space Research
Nagoya University Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Johnson Space Center
NASA Living With a Star Program
National Space Science Data Center
Naval Research Laboratory
New Castle Univ.
New Mexico State Univ.
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
Pennsylvania State Univ. Astronomy & Astrophysics Department
Ohio State Univ.
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS)
Pennsylvania State Univ
Rice Univ.
San Diego State Univ.
Stanford Univ
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
The University of New South Wales
UC Berkeley Space Sciences Laboratory
UC santa cruz
UCLA IGPP Space Physics center
Univ. of Alaska
Univ. of Alberta
Univ. of Colorado
Univ. of Iowa
Univ. of Michigan
Univ. of Minnesota
Univ. of New Hampshire
Univ. of St. Andrews
Univ. of Tokyo
Univ. of Arizona
Univ. of Hawaii
Univ. of Maryland at College Park
Univ. of Massachusetts Amherst
Univ. of Sydney
Univ. of Texas, Austin
Univ. of Toronto
York Univ.
Anglo-Australian Observatory
Arecibo Observatory
Univ. of Texas, Austin
Australia Telescope Compact Array
Big Bear Solar Observatory
David Dunlap Observatory
European Southern Observatory
Mount Wilson Observatory
Mt.Stromlo & Siding Spring Observatories
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
National Radio Astronomy Observatory
Princeton University Observatory
Royal Greenwich Observatory

2. Journals
Annales Geophysicae
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Astronomy and Astrophysics Review
Astrophysical Journal, Supplement Series
Earth, Planets and Space
EDP Sciences
Geophysical Research Letter
Journal of Geophysical Research
PASP (Publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific)
The Astronomical Journal
The Astrophysical Journal

• Korean
1. Institution / Astronomical observatory
Kangwon National Univ.
Kyungpook National
Kyung Hee Univ.
KyungHee Astronomical Observatory
Bohyunsan Optical Astronomy Observatory
Pusan National Univ
Seoul National Univ. (Earth Science)
Seoul National Univ. (Astronomy)
Sobaeksan Optical Astronomy Observatory
Yonsei Univ.
Ewha Womans univ.
KAIST Satellite technology research center
Chonbuk National Univ.
Chungnam National Univ.
Chungbuk National Univ.
Korea National Univ. of Education
Korea astronomy & space science institute
Korea Aerospace univ.
Korea aerospace research institute

2. Learned society
The Korean Physical Society
The Korean Space Science Society
The Korean Astronomical Society
The Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Science

3. Korea government agency / Private corporation
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
national Science & Technology information Service
Korea Science and engineering Foundation
Korea Research Foundation
Satrec initiative
Korea Aerospace Industries, LTD.